About Base-20

We are a dynamic Dutch company, based in the East of the Netherlands, in the region called ‘Twente’, so Base-20…

Base-20 is also one of the owners of BaseNL, a company that produces great (children’s) lamps and sells its products all over the world.

At BaseNL we learned all about the advantages of producing very high quality products through the technique of ‘rotational moulding’. We used this knowledge to design three brand new creations, which are all made in the Netherlands. With personal roots in our management-team within the ‘Healthcare’ and ‘Pharmaceutical’ branche, it was a small step to take ‘Medical’ and ‘Care’ symbols, the Aesculapius and the Cross, as the perfect base for our new designs.

That’s why Base-20 is proud to introduce the first AescuSign design-lamp, the Cross-Table and the Cross-Light.

Next to these new own products, Base-20 is the exclusive business-agent for the beautiful M-One tooth. This tooth is made by Monelight which is also based in Twente. It is a great addition to our assortment.

We hope you enjoy our new designs!